The Technology

By collecting anonymous speed data from each phone, the iONexus Server effectively analyzes individual speed data, filters out false data and produces highly accurate traffic condition information. This is accomplished by using the patented Universl Traffic Monitoring System (Traffic Pattern Recognition (TPR) proprietary algorithm).

It starts with more accurate mapping:

The iONexus own street instrumentation process delivers the most accurate digital rendering of vehicle routes and excludes parking lots and driveways. Measurement of street and route widths provides a critical geo-spatial framework for the TPR algorithm to operate.

The difference is in our software technology:

iONexus servers anonymously collect vehicle location, speed and directional data points for processing in the TPR algorithm and through a unique filtering mechanism instantly place them on small segments of roadway. iONexus segments average 200 feet long and one lane wide. The combination of live GPS sensor data and highly fine grained maps translates to the most accurate data available to commuters today.

Live traffic data processing:

On the server side, the TPR algorithm effectively filters “noise” from the measurements to produce highly accurate data creating an unprecedented efficiency in data processing and delivery. The result is a system that uses a fraction of the computing power compared to data mining techniques – minimizing both processing time and cost.