The Solution

TrafficWorksTM from iONexus helps commuters avoid traffic congestion by providing real-time traffic flow information on their mobile devices for all major highways and surface streets.

TrafficWorksTM anonymously collects location and speed data from standard GPS enabled mobile devices and through patented proprietary traffic pattern recognition software processes and returns this information in real time to all of its mobile device users.

Proprietary Product

The “TrafficWorksTM” invention generates highly precise traffic flow information based on GPS data that is anonymously collected from participating mobile device users.

The difference between “TrafficWorksTM” and other traditional methods is how our solution utilizes anonymous data calls that are processed on the server side using “Micro Traffic Pattern Recognition ProcessTM” which minimizes the computational and data transmission loads on the mobile device to offer lower power consumption and enhanced scalability.

Competitive Advantage

iONexus is the only provider to offer true “micro” real-time data. Competitors approach incorporates historical data and requires 30+ minute delays. iONexus has developed a proprietary traffic pattern recognition software process that enables TrafficWorksTM to provide comprehensive coverage with as few as 2 – 3 thousand concurrent users in real-time. All done in seconds.

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