The Problem

The average commuter wastes 38 hours and spends an extra $710 per year in wasted fuel costs while idling in traffic.

Current traffic flow applications rely on costly monitoring infrastructure and do not cover alternative surface street routes.

Today, all traffic applications supply commuters with the same traffic information collected from expensive infrastructure of monitoring devices and fed through third party applications with as much as a 30 minute delay.

This primitive form of data collection only provides delayed traffic information on limited highways. These so called “real-time” traffic systems provide inaccurate, not real-time, limited to highway and incident based traffic information collected from DOT and designated vehicles.

These methods will never be effective enough to determine the best alternative route.

Commuters, who wish to avoid routes with slow traffic, do not have the information they need. Current solutions are limited to select highways and none provide true real time information. TrafficWorksTM address both of these issues, providing commuters with true real-time traffic information on all surface streets.