Android Market Information on the SeattleTraffic

SeattleTraffic is an app for Android based phones for use in the Greater Seattle area. The app relies 100% on user generated GPS data to formulate and show real-time traffic data not only on major highways but on major surface roads.

This is a Beta application at this point so more changes are in store.

Please download and use and provide us with feedback of what you would like to see changed or improved!

TrafficWorks Lite

Android Market Information on TrafficWorks Lite

TrafficWorks Lite is a departure notification application that automatically recalculates your departure time based on your current and exact GPS coordinates and the location of your next Google Calendar event to ensure your timely departure wherever you are.

TrafficWorks Lite links your mobile device with your online Google calendar.

Just load an event or appointment in your Google calendar and sync it with TrafficWorks Lite and the application will tell you when to leave so that you won’t be late!