Case Study

2010 Side-by-side Road Test

The team at iONexus recently conducted a road test comparing the performance of several of the leading mobile phone traffic applications with iONexus TrafficWorksTM.

It’s very compelling to see these applications running side-by-side. The video really tells the whole story. TrafficWorksTM offers a far more accurate solution, providing true real-time traffic flow information in more detail.

1st – TrafficWorksTM from iONexus (running on a G1-Android phone from T-Mobile)

  • Sub ten second updates, most accurate traffic information in real-time
  • More granular detail in traffic flow reporting – finer grain, more segments
  • Fewest errors in reporting speed and direction

2nd – INRIX Pro (running on a 3G-iPhone from AT&T

  • Fair coverage of surface streets and non-highway routes.
  • “Predictive” modeling seems to cause high incidents of inaccurate readings, shows traffic as red when it’s actually green and vice-versa.
  • UI has difficulty keeping up with GPS signaled location, causes off screen driving.

3rd – Google Maps (running on a G1-Android phone from T-Mobile)

  • Poor coverage of surface and non-highways.
  • Ten minute delays in reporting traffic information shared from our own device.
  • Less detail, traffic flow apparently averaged over large segments of road.

4th – Microsoft Bing Maps (running on a HCS-Tilt2 phone from AT&T)

  • Zero coverage of surface and non-highways.
  • Funky interface, translucent traffic overlay makes map difficult to read.
  • Download and map refresh challenges, whole sections of map unavailable.

The road test was conducted during normal weekday driving conditions outside of Seattle, in the Bellevue/Redmond area. By traveling major surface street and secondary arterials that parallel the I-405 the test demonstrates actual results commuters would yield as they attempt to use their GPS enabled mobile phone avoid freeway traffic.

For more details on this road test including links to many more video clips from our 2010 road test contact us.