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There’s Never A Good Time For Bad Traffic

At iONexus we are about “Driving Innovation”.

iONexus, Inc. and it’s flagship product, TrafficWorks take current GPS information and turn it into precise, meaningful, actionable traffic data.

Through our patented Universl Traffic Monitoring System technology we create an enhanced view of traffic in real-time, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

In other words, we provide traffic data for any street in the world by utilizing a small GPS sample size. We can do this by utilizing a unique patented Traffic Pattern Recognition (TPR) proprietary methodology that provides detailed directional traffic flow information in 1MPH increments, with extremely low latency (sub 10 seconds), and with a very low cost of goods.

Our typical coverage in a metropolitan area is approximately 5000 miles of surface streets. This is about 20 times the current coverage available in the marketplace.

As the pioneer of “micro-view” traffic mitigation software, iONexus has set out to fundamentally change the navigation experience by re-building it, from the ground up, with the ability to view traffic on any street in real time. The ability to create a complete view of ALL traffic is at our core.

Having beta tested the industry’s first connected “micro-view” real-time GPS complete traffic view, and proven the strong consumer interest and passion for the TrafficWorksTM solution, the company will focus on licensing its application and service to run on the growing array of location-aware devices in the market.